Author: Summer

Top 20: The Youngest and Hottest Teen Pornstars

Teen porn is a very popular category of porn videos virtually on any porn videos website. It is most popular with male viewers, of course, and therefore more and more of such videos are produced and provided to the users. Female young pornstars are consequently extremely popular and in huge demand by the porn studios as well. Teen pornstars make millions and also bring millions to the studios they work for.

The Top Pornstars From the ’80s

The 80s pornstars were popular with previous generations a lot. The number of porn actresses was smaller in general back then, because there were less porn studios performing and also the process of filming was much more lengthy and complicated. However, these actresses had their own charm of the time, and this is why some of them are still remembered and loved even today. Those vintage movies featuring them are kept as rare collections.