The 10 Hottest Japanese Pornstars

The 10 Hottest Japanese Pornstars

Japanese porn is a very specific type of adult movies, however, at the same time it has its own huge audience of fans and therefore this industry continues to flourish in Japan. As a result, Japanese porn models are popular both in Japan and also virtually around the world. Learn more about the hottest Japanese female actors in our review.

Simply The Best

Japanese pornstars, mostly females, are in huge demand, both on their motherland, and also among Western viewers of online porn. Discover who is in the top 10:

  1. Airi Ai – one of the Japanese pornstars who is mostly popular only in Japan and this results in the fact it is hard to find videos with her on English-speaking websites. However, Airi features in videos without censorship, which is real Japanese porn. For some viewers, scenes with her can seem shocking.
  2. Akira Lane – an untypical Asian porn model who took part in girl only fights in gloves and without clothes. Akira is small, lean, and no fake boobs.
  3. Fuko – this is an interesting Japanese pornstar who has huge tits and childish face. She is also untypically plump, and cute all around. Fuko plays a usual submissive role in Asian porn.
  4. Tsubasa Amami – this girl looks like a teenage schoolgirl or young student. She is small and skinny, with a round face. One of her specific things is that Tsubasa is always smiling.
  5. Wakana Kinoshita – looks like any Japanese girl, brown hair, lean body, but she can moan and move in a professional way. Some western viewers may find certain videos featuring Wakana weird, but overall she is rather good.
  6. Akiho Yoshizawa – she is very popular both in Japan and abroad; interestingly, she, like many other Japanese porn models, does not shave her pubic hair. This is a traditional aspect of Japanese porn.
  7. Yayoi Yanagida – a porn model who looks like a teenager and due to that reason she always features in adult movies as a schoolgirl or a young student. She also often appears in lesbian scenes. Therefore, as a teenage lesbian pornstar, she is extremely popular.
  8. Julia Boin – a beautiful Japanese girl with huge boobs. Usually plays a submissive and passive role in porn videos. Julia also has a lean and fit body and she is not chubby as many Japanese females.
  9. Miss Reina T – she is doomed to play teenage daughters, schoolgirls, and filthy students because of her pretty and innocent childish face. Also, she has a lot of solo girl and masturbation videos.
  10. Sora Aoi – totally one of the most desired pornstars in Japan. She is also famous among Western online porn viewers because of her beauty and skill. but in Japan, she is considered one of the best.

We hope this list of the hottest and most beautiful Japanese pornstars will help you make your choice next time you enter your favorite adult video website!

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