The Top Pornstars From the ’80s

The Top Pornstars From the ’80s

The 80s pornstars were popular with previous generations a lot. The number of porn actresses was smaller in general back then, because there were less porn studios performing and also the process of filming was much more lengthy and complicated. However, these actresses had their own charm of the time, and this is why some of them are still remembered and loved even today. Those vintage movies featuring them are kept as rare collections.

The Best Pornstars

Perhaps you will be lucky enough to discover videos featuring one of the following porn actresses of 80s:

  1. Ginger Lynn – she has perfect body, and this 80s hairstyle that most people still remember. Ginger was extremely popular in 80s and even today she still acts in some mainstream movies.
  2. Jeanna Fine – she entered porn industry in 1985 when she was 21. She is one of the most well-known porn actresses of the 80s, because she managed to make more than 50 movies. Jeanna has one son, and was awarded AVN Hall of Fame award for her outstanding work in the adult movie industry.
  3. Kay Parker – this girl looks like a classic 80s beauty with posh hair and elegant body. She also has this aristocratic face features that made her one of the most elegant and desires pornstars in 80s. However, in the middle of the decade she retired.
  4. Linda Lovelace – this girl played a small role in one of the most well-known and scandalous porn movies in history, “Deep Throat”, however, she claimed that she was forced into this performance. Later, Linda became a passionate Christian and retired.
  5. Cicciolina (Ilona Staller) – one of the most well-known porn stars of the 80s. This Italian girl is also a singer. She entered the adult movie industry in 1983, and also had her evening radio show, and featured in many nude photoshoots. Ilona is known to be selected to Italian parliament, served one full term, continued to work as a porn actress during her term, and made a speech with her breasts naked. She also offered Saddam Hussein to have sex with her in exchange for hostages.
  6. Viper (aka Stephanie Bishop aka Stephanie Green) – this porn actress was totally ahead of her time. This redhead boasted piercing in her nipples and also some tattoos. Viper was famous for her active performance, various sex techniques, and hardcore movies.
  7. Juliet Anderson – Juliet entered the porn industry at mature age of 39 years, and eventually became known as Aunt Peg for her mature videos. She dreamed to become a documentary star, and then used her career in pornography to host different shows.

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